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New Acid Planet began in 2020 as a Giving Back to the Community by Angela H Evans of Victoria Australia following her surviving a blood cancer with the help of as she believes, listening to the music generously donated by unknown indie musicians to seriously ill patients.

The community grew and so too did the spread of the COVID virus. Through the technology of the internet, Angela found herself in a position to do more than freely share out news of an artist’s release. She could also offer record labels, support and just recently, a chance to interview artists on her own show on Brazilian radio station Novamerica Network, the number one station in Rio de Janeiro that now broadcasts globally with exceptional shows over the weekends with top DJs and now with Australian host Angela helping to build the relationship between Brazilian and Australian music communities.

Lazee Dog

Is the Electronic music arm predominantly house and techno but
also accepts great talented electronic artists too. Woof!

New Acid Records is for Indie artists mainly the talented singer songwriter and also include Angela herself with Kangaroo Hill and Missing You in collaboration with fellow Australian Justin M Banko.

If You are a DJ and Producer, join us!

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