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Novamerica Network Brazil


We are  Novamérica Network! The Best Vibe in Brazil! 24 Hours of the best songs and music from the best DJs, with entertainment, humor and more.

Discover new music all the time!

Novamérica Network is an online radio network focused on music and has several programs that will make your soundtrack. Here you will find programs that play great international and national successes, in addition to discovering new music and new artists.

With Novamérica Network radio, you will never lack music to accompany the moments of your life. Press play and let it roll.

Make Novamérica Your Positive Vibe!

Novamerica Network! #BestVibeofBrazil

Angela - Conection

HOST - Sundays 10 pm Brazil  / 2 am UK /  11 am Oceana

Bia - Vibrations

DJ  - Fridays 6pm Brazil / 10 pm UK  / Sat 7 am Oceana

Join DJBiaBailey every Friday evening for some great  club dancing !

Her sets will have you believing you are on that Club floor and not  in the lounge room at home!

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Osmar - Som na Caixa

DJ - Fridays 8pm Brazil / 12 Midnight UK  /  Sat 9 am Oceana

         Saturdays  8pm Brazil / 12 Midnight UK / Sun 9 am Oceana

         4pm UK / 12 NOON / 10 pm OCEANA

Alan - Nova na Pista

DJ- Sundays  6pm Brazil /  10 pm UK /  7 am Oceana

Bon.Ecko - Na Batida Que Brada

DJ - Sundays  8pm Brazil  /  12pm UK /  9am Oceana

Fernando - Grovelandia

DJ - Saturdays  10pm Brazil /  2 am UK /  11 am Monday Oceana

Iones & Luis - Charme

DJs - Saturdays 6pm  Brazil  / 10 pm UK /  7am Oceana

Luis & Robson - No Clima Dos Bailes

DJs - Saturdays 4pm Brazil  / 8 pm UK / 5 am Oceana

Orlando - Templo do Charme

DJ- Fridays 10 pm Brazil /  2 am UK /  11 am Oceana